Saturday, July 7, 2012

New blog design

I spend almost the entire day re-designing my blog today. I woke up early with an idea on my mind and thought it would only take me a few hours. But, as usual, I ended up taking much longer than I expected. I tried several times to upload my own background paper and finally gave up - no matter how many times I changed the size, the file was just too big. After trying at least 20 different background designs, I finally decided to go with the black polka dots. Now I wonder what it would look like in white with black dots ..... I just might go back and see what that looks like!

Update July 8th:
I finally figured out what size I needed to make my background to get it to upload! Then spent another day playing with the design and ended up making even more changes. I had way too much fun! I think I'll keep it this way for awhile.

Anyway, happy July everyone! Hope you had a great 4th of July ..... and that you took lots of pictures!

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