Monday, January 18, 2016

Year to Remember Blog Hop - Stop 3

Good morning everyone! I hope you're enjoying our first blog hop of the year! I'm your third stop today following Julie's Creative Memories Blog. Didn't you love Julie's layout ideas? I did for sure! Your next stop is Stefani Jones at Crop With Stef. Be sure to hop on over to Stefani's blog post when you're finished here for more fun projects that I know you're also going to love. And when you've visited each of our blogs do make sure you return to the CM Blog and leave a comment. Just tell us what your favorite thing about the new Year to Remember collection is and you'll be qualified to win the entire collection. Yay!! In the mean time, I'm going to share some project ideas with you.

I am seriously on a border roll here! When I saw the stickers and shapes that coordinate with A Year to Remember papers one of the first things I thought about was borders. So today I'm going to share 3 borders created with the Year to Remember collection.  Then I'll also share some ideas for using borders with the calendar grid pages. 
Supplies List - here's what you need to create today's projects:
Here are the borders I created with the fun Year to Remember collection. I'll include instructions for each along with an idea for using your borders with a calendar grid page on a two-page layout. These are just a few of the paper and embellishment combinations possible with this collection. Be sure to check out the entire collection here. I know that you are not going to want to miss a chance to win this collection! Just remember to leave a comment on the CM Blog and tell us what your favorite thing about the Year to Remember collection is.
January Border
To Create:
  1. Rip one edge of the multi-colored numbers paper and cut to 2 x 12 inches. Cut green chevron paper to 1/2" x 12 inches and white cardstock to 3/4 x 12 inches. Layer and adhere as shown.
  2. Using the inside track of the large circle pattern and the red blade, cut a circle from white cardstock. With the inside track of the small circle pattern and the blue blade, cut another circle from white cardstock. Adhere the sticker shown to the small circle.
  3. Center the inside track of the small circle pattern over the square green chevron sticker and cut with the green blade.  Leave the backing in place and adhere snowflake sticker to chevron sticker.
  4. Cut a 3/4 x 4 1/2 inch rectangle from green chevron paper. Pinch ends together and snip at an angle to form a "V" on both ends. Adhere January tag to flag as shown. Adhere tag and flag to white circle with foam squares. Use foam squares to adhere arrow and snowflake circle. Adhere your embellished circle to your border strip.
Here's how I used my January Border on a two-page layout:
February Border
To create:
  1. Cut one 2 x 12 inch strip from red cardstock. Tear edge of cloud printed paper and cut to 1 1/4 x 12 inches. Adhere cloud strip to red strip as shown.
  2. Cut one 2 1/2 inch square from red hearts paper. Use the Shape Maker and Square Cartridge to cut a 2 inch square from red chevron paper. Adhere squares to border strips as shown.
  3. Cut red arrow in half and adhere to back of love embellishment shown. Use foam squares to adhere embellishment to squares.
Here's my February layout:
March Border
To create:
  1. Cut one 2 x 12 inch strip from green and white chevron pattern paper. Turn that paper to the other side and cut one 7/8 x 12 inch dark blue strip. Cut a 1 1/2 x 12 inch strip from green and white polka dot paper. Layer and adhere as shown.
  2. Cut one 2 1/2 inch square from green and white chevron paper. Using the shape maker and square cartridge, cut a 2 inch square from dark blue pattern paper. Layer squares as shown and adhere to border strip.
  3. Attach the light green and burgundy flags to underside of the hello embellishment shown (making sure to hide the numbers on the end of the flags). Use foam squares to attach embellishment to squares.  
Finally, here's my March layout:
For more information about the Creative Memories products used in today's projects, please visit your advisor's website. Of course, if you don't already have a Creative Memories Advisor, I'd be more than happy to be your personal Creative Memories Advisor. Just visit my website at to create an account.

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Your next stop is Stefani's blog at Crop with Stef. Don't forget to return to the CM Blog to leave a comment. Tell us what you like the most about the Year to Remember collection and you may be the one person who wins the entire collection! Good luck and happy blog hopping!  

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