Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Valentine Blog Hop - Stop 4

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog! Hopefully you are following our Valentine's Blog Hop and if so I'm your fourth stop following Julie's Creative Memories Blog. Your next stop will be Lisa Graham at Lisa's Workshop. Be sure to hop on over to Lisa's blog post when you're finished here for more fun projects. And when you've visited each of our blogs do make sure you return to the CM Blog and leave a comment. You just might win the entire Watercolor Love Collection! Yay!! In the mean time,  I'm going to share a layout with you that I created using the Watercolor Love paper pack and embellishments.

I have a growing collection of my grandchildren's engagement photos that I absolutely love. Some will be framed and displayed in my home and the rest will go into an album. After seeing this collection it occurred to me that I should use it to create an album just for engagement photos. Today's layout will help get me started on that album. I love the way the Watercolor Love line complements my photos! Here's my layout for today and, as always, it comes with instructions.

Photos by Ursala Houser Photography

Watercolor Love Paper Pack
Watercolor Love Embellishments
Shades of Neutral Designer Cardstock
Shades of Red Designer Cardstock
White 12 x 12 pages and protectors
Black ABC/123 Stickers
Tape runner, Mini tape runner and foam squares
Border Maker with Heart Chain and Filmstrip cartridges
12-inch Straight Trimmer


  • Using the 12 inch trimmer, cut two 3" x 12" strips and one 1 1/8" x 12" strip from dot pattern paper. Cut one 3" x 12" strip from beige chevron paper, leaving you with one     9" x 12" sheet.
  • Adhere 3" x 12" dot pattern strips to the bottom edge of two white refill pages as shown. Using the Border Maker and the heart chain cartridge, create a heart chain border from wine cardstock. Use scissors to cut the border in half lengthwise. With the mini tape runner, run a bead of adhesive next to top edge of strips on both pages as shown. Adhere your half borders to the top edge of the dot pattern paper as shown in photo.
  • Adhere the 3" x 12" beige chevron strip to the top edge of the left page. Adhere the 9" x 12" sheet to the right page so that the bottom edge covers the excess border as shown.
  • Adhere three vertical 4" x 12" photos to the left page as shown. Trim two 4" x 6" horizontal photos to 3 3/4" x 6 inches. Adhere to right page as shown. Trim one 4" x 6" vertical photo to 4 1/4" x 6 inches and adhere to right page as shown.
  • Use the film strip cartridge and black cardstock to create two film strip borders. Using the 12 inch trimmer, cut two 1 1/4" x 12" strips from the reverse side of the dot pattern paper. Adhere strips to the film strip borders as shown.
  • Adhere one film strip border to the right page as shown. From the second film strip border cut one 3 3/4" border with a "V" cut from one end. Adhere to bottom of left page as shown. Cut the remaining border to about 7 inches with a "V" cut from both ends. Adhere to top of left page as shown.
  • Using 12 inch trimmer, cut beige cardstock to 4" x 3 3/4" and cut a shallow "V" on one end. Use to journal your story and adhere to right page as shown.
  • Use black ABC/123 stickers to create a title and subtitle. Cut you & me tag shown from the borders and tags sheet and adhere to page using foam squares. Enhance layout with your choice of hearts and embellishments from the Watercolor Love Embellishments.
There you have it! I hope you are enjoying today's blog hop and that you come back and visit us again!
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Your next stop is Lisa's blog at Lisa's Workshop. Don't forget to return to the CM Blog to leave a comment about what Valentine projects you'd like to create. You may be the one lucky person who wins the Watercolor Love collection. Good luck and happy blog hopping!

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